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Imaginative Twists
My Ideas for You
 Progress:  Last worked on Sep. 9, 2007

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Progress:  Last worked on Sep. 27, 2007 

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Progress:  Last worked on Sep. 9, 2007

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Progress:   Last worked on Sep. 9, 2007

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 A list of my current fanfiction I am working on as well as a few ideas I have that I can play around with. Also, some of my older pieces that I will most likely revise and send out once more when I am not completely horrified at the sight of them. 

Feel free to offer any suggestions or prompts to hurry up, or even tell me which ideas you want to read the most so I know what I should work on first. Right now I'm just writing a little here or there on everything, so I only get a couple sentences for each done a night. Help?

To view more of a story, click the link in the title to be redirected to the LJ post specifically for that story.

[Fiction that is currently being updated at my three main sites regularly. Still working on them, still adding.]

[Fiction I am currently writing that has not been posted anywhere. Either they are long multi-chaptered fics that I am not ready to post incase I drop them or I want to get a good lead before I start posting regularly. The idea may not fully be planned either.]

[Fanfiction I have already posted and received feedback, but have realized that the story line needs rework, there are too many errors, or that there needs to be an actual plot instead of just sitting down to write whatever I feel like at the time.]

[...Not much too explain. Ideas I've come up with, haven't yet expanded on the idea so it's only a plot or a few simple sentences. I might have an outline prepared, but no actual writing to start with.]

[One-Shot ideas I have and am currently working on, put have not finished areas inbetween that need expansion. Also, with so many ideas for one-shots that I've already started, I need help with priority.]

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Yeah, first Live Journal entry, yay!

And I have been forced to laugh every step of the way. The "Interests" part really killed me xD.

So, yes, I have started this just to let others have an easier time trying to keep up with my fanfiction (and maybe myself as well). I will be posting:

  • predicted updates
  • mapping and outlines of ideas where any readers can throw in ideas when I'm in need
  • possible future ideas (readers can poll for priority of when I should work on what ideas)
  • a priority list of current fanfiction I am working on at what rates
  • whatever else I manage to come up with

Yes. And I will probably use this journal to post my excuses for not working on my writing as well.  

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